Update from the BBBS Office



As we watch the impact of what is happening globally, we are grateful for the “things” we have, meaning, a committed staff team that is navigating changes, sometimes hourly; a supportive board of directors who are keeping the safety and needs of the youth we serve front and centre; mentors who are realizing the impact of what they doing; a community that cares always – especially in a crisis. We are able to work safely from home and continue to offer the programs we are known for, in a virtual nearing way. We are very lucky.

We are a small team and have always worked lean. We know that hitting our fundraising targets this year is going to be tough. It is a fact for every Not for Profit operating amazing programs that make up the fabric of our community.

We look forward to the day we can get back into our brand new beautiful offices in the Skyline Community Hub and get the BHive buzzing with programs and services that support youth from our community. For now, our community is depending on us to jedi our services to work within a new scope. This is our new norm.

We are still here. We are still screening and training new volunteers and we are still serving mentors and mentees that have been in our programs all along. We are doing it very differently but we are doing it safely. If you have ever thought about it but just never made the call – call us to chat. We have so many kids that could really benefit from having a mentor to help them feel connections outside of their four walls. Now more than ever, we are #BiggerTogether!

Stay safe and be well.

The Big Brothers Big Sister of Center Wellington Team