NameBoard Position
Kate GuyChair
Jennifer MaasVice Chair
Don SpeersTreasurer
Amy ShieldsSecretary
Ange BillingsMember at Large
Sarah EarleMember at Large
Brock AldersleyMember at Large
Lisa Rose FortunaMember at Large
Sara HipsonMember at Large
Julia ZimmermanMember at Large

In preparation for our Annual General Meeting each May, we look to recruit potential new board members to fill vacancies.

Please fill in an application if you are interested in joining our board of directors at the next May AGM.

Any questions, please contact

  • Ctrl and Click all that apply. This is generally speaking. For example, if you work a 9am to 5pm job that doesn't allow flex time, we don't expect that you will toggle morning meetings or possibly late afternoons. Young children and single parents have difficulty making morning meetings, generally speaking. This doesn't exclude you in any way, it helps us understand what else you have going on.
  • Please type your name to confirm acceptance.