We are getting closer!

Through Summer 2019, because of funding from Rural Ontario Institute and support from McDonald’s, a group of youth met (Youth Action Committee) and laid the ground for what they would like to see in a “hub” space for Youth. Their conversations ranged from what they would call it (the BHive) to what would be offered (workshops, sessions, Youth Nights, topics, timing etc) to how it would be governed (the Youth Action Committee with a Youth Engagement Coordinator). It was a very productive summer!!

Physically, the plans are coming along! Skyline is in process of creating a new visible entrance, shared washroom facilities for the entire space and the periphery of our space. Soon we will get the “go ahead” to create the 6 multipurpose rooms and our offices. Skyline is doing all of this at their cost which is a huge investment into this space and for that we are grateful.

We have been working with Interior Designer, Angela Murphy, and architects from Greystone to create comfortable, functional and beautiful spaces for youth to access services. There will be two small rooms for 2-4 people, 2 medium rooms for 4-8 people and a large room that can be used for training, workshops or group sessions. Xanadu has designed and donated a huge amount is building us a beautiful kitchen so kids can join cooking classes, get safety training or gather at the large island for a study session. The possibilities are endless!

We have hired a Youth Engagement Coordinator, Wendy Douglas, who will be working with the youth to hear how they want to be served, what that will look like and behind the scenes, Wendy will make it happen. If you have anything you would be willing to deliver to the youth, ideas on marketing this to youth or want to be involved as an adult mentor, please email Wendy at

So many wonderful organizations and businesses are so incredibly generous by donating or significantly discounting their products and services but there are so many things that are costly, that go into essentially a new build/major renovation like this. If you want to help out, click on the Donate button at the top or contact Kristen Drexler at

We are told that a December move in is doable! We certainly hope so because our current lease ends in January!!

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer.