Big Split 26, 2020 edition – Tickets on Sale November 1st!



Big Split 26 is a fun ongoing 50/50 draw and makes fantastic gifts for everyone on your list!

How it works: You decide how many draws you want to be in on; 26 being the max and 1 being the lowest. Each draw is $2. So, if you want to be in on all 26 draws, your ticket is worth $52. It is that simple.

Then listen live on the Grand 101.1 every other Thursday morning starting January 2, 2020 (the draw schedule is also on our website) and you could be the lucky winner! And when you are, you will go back in the drum for every other draw to come! You can also go to the Grand 101.1 Facebook page where they Facebook Live the draw so you can see it happen real time or later in the day to know who won.

Want in on the fun? Email us at or call us at 519-787-0106 ext. 221 and we will get you set up!