What we do?

We create a safe space for mentoring relationships by providing a direct service of matching children with role model adults to ignite the amazing potential within them.

What programs are offered?

We are a non for profit organization that provides many different youth programs that include one to one mentoring, group mentoring, site-based mentoring and in-school mentoring.

Who do we help?

We help the children and youth of Centre Wellington who face adversity by providing them with mentors to help provide the tools to become the best versions of themselves.

Little Change for BIG Change?

This is one of our many fundraising events to help raise many to run our youth programs. This event consists of businesses kindly asking their customers for donations to help go towards funding our much needed youth programs.

What kind of Donations?

Businesses will ask their customers at the Point of Sale if they would like to make a $2, $5, $10, a donation of their choice/spare change to contribute towards our youth programs.

Benefits of joining this campaign?

You will be promoted on all of our social media platforms which can raise a lot of awareness for your business.


If you have questions about this campaign or just our organization in general you can visit our website or contact centrewellington@bigbrothersbigsisters.ca